We spend around 1/3 of our life sleeping. During sleep, facial skin and hair actively touch the surface of the pillow, so it is essential to choose the right pillowcase. To make our skin and hair look healthier, the world’s leading dermatologists, cosmetologists, and plastic surgeons recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

1. Improves skin structure and keeps moisturized

More than 97% of natural silk consists of protein, which contains 18 essential amino acids, almost identical to the amino acids found in our facial skin and hair. That’s why silk is the perfect, natural product to nourish and revitalize our hair and skin.

Unlike cotton and other fabrics, silk is less absorbent and helps our facial skin to almost fully absorb the creams, nutrients, and serums used during the night routine, so skin stays hydrated throughout the night.

2. Reduces the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles

The main proteins in silk are fibroin and sericin.

Sericin increases the vitality of cells, helps the production of the main fibrous protein, collagen, and thus prevents the aging process of the skin.

Thanks to fibroin, silk has an impeccably smooth and soft surface, which causes a significantly less mechanical impact on our facial skin during sleep. That’s why, unlike other fabrics, silk pillowcases significantly reduce the appearance of dark circles and sleep lines, which turn into wrinkles and age lines over time.

3. Reduces allergic reactions

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust, bacteria, and other allergens. The smooth surface of the silk pillowcase gently touches the skin, which reduces the mechanical impact on it and protects against irritation.

Recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

4. Keeps hair shiny and healthy

Thanks to its flawlessly smooth surface, sleeping on a silk pillowcase, protects your hair from frizz and damage. Natural amino acids contained in it give hair shine and a healthy look.

Why mulberry?

mulberry products are made of the highest (6A) quality 100% natural silk (22 momme) fabric, which accounts for its dense structure and durability.

Our fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex® international standards, therefore does not contain chemical additives, harmful substances, and toxic dyes.