OK! A new story of beauty care starts with mulberry

mulberry is a new, exclusive Georgian brand, the main direction of which is beauty care and comfort.

The trend of beauty care and self-care has been especially relevant in recent years. Sleep is the best beauty procedure, but it can also be perfected with mulberry‘s natural silk products. During sleep, our skin rests, is nourished and restores its natural balance, and silk pillowcase can make this process much more efficient.

Silk has unique properties that were still known in ancient China and Japan. It contains natural proteins and essential amino acids, which help the facial skin to maintain its health and youth.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase helps to keep the facial skin moist and, unlike other fabrics, does not absorb skin care products. Consequently, your facial skin remains moisturized throughout the night. Also, the natural characteristics of silk, including a soft and smooth surface, ensure that hair is kept shiny and protected from damage and breakage.

mulberry offers pillowcases, sleep masks and scrunchies made of the highest quality 100% silk 22momme (6A) fabric.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is recommended by the world’s leading dermatologists, stylists and plastic surgeons.

Model: T. Shedania
Photographer: L. Chalatashvili
Location: Tbilisi Marriott Hotel

Source: OK magazine


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